Hot Day at the Zoo- Eye Candy

By: Erin Maloney

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Mike Dion
Evos Art Gallery
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Since fotopages has a slight learning disability with dates, I'm going to put a few collections together on this entry. HDatZ played a short gig at the Evos Art Gallery last weekend, followed by a Saturday romp around Lowell involving a Cafe Paradiso stint with John Cassidy and David Amram, a few parking lot stylings, and an alley party later that night. For more good shots of that, check out

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Dover's own Barley Pub hosts HDatZ, 9/25/04

Low light shots, but still fun.
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This was a truly excellent show. Comprised of three sets spaced evenly throughout the night in a neat little venue in downtown Dover, NH, the boys had strangers turning their heads and got a full two pages of new victims for the mailing list.

I just wish I had more shots.

After closing, there was a rigorous 2 block trek to the hotel suite, where in the wee morning hours, Jed Rosen transformed into the elusive MuslimBeat, master of sea and sky. A rare photojournalistic opportunity.

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See them too.

Jed Beat and Aaron at the Banjo Contest, trying out new toys
Aaron Johnson doing his thing
Still doing his thing.
I figured it's about high time Hot Day at the Zoo had a little visual page to complement their ever-skilled audio stylings. I have a bit of a collection here, so I'll start with the earliest bunch I've acquired; the 25th annual banjo/fiddle contest held in Lowell on September 11th. Aaron Johnson became the proud new owner of a blue ribbon, a pewter mug, and a very strange t-shirt that day. More congrats for him!

If anyone has any dates for other entries so I can fine-tune some details, they'd be much appreciated. I'll actually try to note them from now on.

Also, I'm functioning with the dryest and least opportunistic software at the moment, so please bear with me for now. I'm not able to play with these pics nearly as much as I'd like to.



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